We Find Ways To Grow Your Business.
Growing your business may seem too risky to you, or you may consider it to be too time-consuming. There are ways to grow your business and your income while continuing to run your business.
What Do We Do?
Our team provides a service where we look at your business, the needs for your business in your area, how you may be affected by competitors, and how to design your services to ensure success.

Know Your Needs
Knowing your needs can help you create an action plan to address those needs and grow your business.
Plan Your Growth
Create a business plan that will help your business grow without compromising the current stability of your business.
Set Your Goals
Set realistic goals that would fit your plans and answer your business needs.
Our Team
Our team has helped many businesses to build and grow, by determining their business needs, and identifying key influencing factors that are causing them pain.

Through our methodical process, our clients are able to set or refine their business goals, without compromising the stability of their business. This process will also set you apart from your competitors.
Grow your Business.
Growing your business might be too risky for you. You might find it time-consuming to look for ways to grow your business than just focusing on running it and be happy with the steady income you're currently getting.
BUT WAIT!  Before you say NO
What if someone can help you?
What if you can minimise the risk?
What if there is a proven way to make it easy?
What if there is a proven way to make it work for you?
Think about it...
Can you afford to miss out?
  How to Grow Your Business?
Take the Discovery Call
A free 15 minute call will determine if you are ready to grow your business. Our team will go through your business, make an initial assessment and recommendations.
Business Clarity Consultation Call
Based on your Discovery Call and initial assessment, we may make a recommendation for you to talk to our Business Consultants Leanne Boase (Principle of Medibusiness, and Prime Medical Property Group) or Dr. Grace Lai (Founder and Managing Director of Periop Partners). Leanne or Grace will discuss your needs in a 30-minute call, how the Needs Assessment can benefit your business, and how the process works. During this one hour call, early strategies can be discussed to assist you to improve your business, increase efficiency, improve income, maintain stability, and even grow your business.
This Business Clarity Consultation Call is a limited offer
Clarity Consultation call is worth thousands of dollars but available at $300 AUD
Get a Needs Assessment Report
The Needs Assessment Report is a thorough and comprehensive report on your business needs, market research, competitor analysis, and suggested business strategies to support your growth.
At a limited time offer you can get this comprehensive report
ONLY at $3000 AUD
The Needs Assessment
Experience a one-on-one consultation with Leanne Boase, an experienced healthcare business coach. Leanne has owned and operated her own businesses, including General Practice, and has assisted numerous healthcare businesses of all sizes, across a wide range of specialties.
YES! Leanne will talk to you, provide guidance and take a closer look at your business. What have you got to gain?
This is your time to grow your business. We can help you.
What is the difference between a Needs Assessment and a Feasibility Study?
A Needs Assessment and a Feasibility Study are almost exactly the same when considering how it meets the "external needs". These external needs might be of a potential lessee who is looking at your rooms to rent, or a banker who is looking to fund your property. Both will tell you about the local area, the population, the general rent range and the fundamental numbers of the practice. 

A Feasibility Study is usually requested by corporates and will ensure that they understand the market forces shaping demand for their services in your area, as well as specific challenges they may have to account for in their operations. 

A Needs Assessment is more business owner-focused, an analytical and qualitative exercise of the dynamics influencing the operations and the business. It is shaped to answer the business owner's questions. It includes an outline of costs, analytics on property and location. Sample questions that business owners have asked are, what will need to change in the physical property for this to become a dental suite?, or what has demand for the services dropped and what can I do? I've noticed less paediatric patients in this area and this might affect my practice - what should I do?
How long is a Needs Assessment or Feasibility Study?
A Needs Assessment can depend on the questions that the business owner has to answer; it is possible to conduct a Needs Assessment over the phone or in a matter of days. We have also conducted Needs Assessments that required weeks of detailed research and local population interviews.

A Feasibility Study is almost always conducted as a combination of in person investigation, on the ground analysis and desk research. The document can range up to 100 pages. 
My potential lessee is asking for a Feasibility Study. What am I looking for? Can I share the Needs Assessment with them?
The lessee is looking for evidence of demand for their services, as supported by population studies and competitive analysis.
Yes, the Needs Assessment will be able to address the questions of the lessee - in your discussion with the consultant if this is your need, they will be able to tailor your report so that there is a section that you can share with the lessee. The other sections will deal with the questions you have specifically for this property.
So it's like a SWOT? Can't I do one myself?
We encourage you to conduct your own SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) and involve your team members.
There are elements to evaluating your practice that will require or would be best for someone external to your organisation to review and consider. These can include patient population sampling, competitive analysis and market research and council and even staff interviews, depending on the business questions you might have.
Seeing that our consultants have reviewed and analysed hundreds of companies, your investment in a Needs Assessment or Feasibility Study will benefit from their experience.
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